Joan Rivers Epitomized the Broke-Ass Proverb: Doing What You Love Makes Everyone Smile

The 81-year-old iconoclastic comedian died yesterday at New […]

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A Piece About Catcalling from a Man’s Perspective

“Why’d you let that ripe piece of ass get away?” There were 20 of them. Big fuckers. No like BIG fuckers. And they were drunk too. They

made in america

Friday: Made In America Art Opening at Public Works

Just what exactly are the backbones of our Land of the Free? Artist Matthew Henri believes they are none other than whiskey, women and guns. The pieces


Donate Your Old Shoes At Athletha’s in the UWS

Athletha is best known as a woman's haven for clothes made specifically for workouts. The California-based fitness brand prides itself in designing feminine activewear for

Help a Homo Out and Save the Broke-Ass Heroes at the Lyon-Martin Clinic This Sunday!!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sexy raffle prizes!"][/caption] As the city flirts every so often with the mainstream and homogeny, that which makes us different becomes all the more dear-

Unsolicited Advice to Myself: Love, Women, and the Eternally Incomprehensible

When I was younger and only slightly more naive than I am now, my conceptions of the world and my place in it hinged on that typical adolescent

$1 Margarita Hour at the Lex Christmas Day

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="who needs snow when there's salt. photo from patrick dockens"][/caption] Okaaaay.  So, technically this happens every Friday (!), but it seems like a lovely stocking

FREE Royal Flush Festival and Women Behind the Lens

FREE Royal Flush Festival Opening Night Party on Thursday There once was a little festival known as the Evil City Film Fest.  This little fest grew up, changed its

Try To Hold a Light To Me, I’m A Lady: Dating Tracks For the Ladiez

I'd like to now give a shout out to Kristen Holden, who, on my last music post, called me out for not having

The Dildo: Facing the Competition

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="A real gem"][/caption] Last week, at an undisclosed location, in an unattended bathroom, a dildo fell into sight from its hiding spot behind some shampoo.