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$5 Summer BBQ Blowout

This is a pretty weak effort on my part but I’m buried in packing and super stressed out. I don’t wanna leave you hanging though, with no free or cheap goodie for the day so I’m reposting what sounds like a pretty awesome BBQ DIRECTLY from the folks at Flavorpill:

The smell of sizzling meat hangs heavy in the air this summer, and even celebrity chefs can’t resist its allure. That’s why promoters Finger on the Pulse invited Sam Mason, owner of the avant-garde concept restaurant Tailor, to set aside his foams and gastriques in favor of paper napkins and grill tongs. Five bucks buys a beer and a plate of high-end barbeque — including such Tailor-inspired items as root-beer pulled pork, mole cornbread, and apple-miso cobbler — enjoyed in the evening air of Hope Lounge’s sprawling patio. As usual, music is also on the menu — tonight, members of Brooklyn indie-pop band Harlem Shakes take turns DJing in between bites.

7PM/ 10 Hope St/Williamsburg

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    Ashley packs in the nude, with just an apron on.

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    Good god that photos is hot!