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Smiths Speed-Dating in Brooklyn: How Soon Is Tonight?

The more you ignore him, the less lovin you get.

The more you ignore him, the less lovin' you get.

[warning: non-Smiths/Morrissey fans may find this article slightly nonsensical]

Tonight at the Black Rabbit in Greenpoint, Dave Hill hosts “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”– a night of speed-dating to the soundtrack of The Smiths/Morrissey. Don’t stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before, as this is a returning event. Perhaps your love life is going nowhere fast and you sit around thinking, “How could anybody possibly know how I feel?” Well, why don’t you find out for yourself? Bring your dial-a-cliche and proclaim to the ladies/gents, “All you need is me!”

Black Rabbit Bar in Greenpoint

Black Rabbit in Greenpoint

Perhaps you’ve never had no one ever, or maybe you just want the one you can’t have. Hang in there little trooper, I know it’s gonna happen someday. Or maybe you’ll just come to the realization, “I’m OK by myself.”

Black Rabbit
91 Greenpoint Ave. (btwn Manhattan Ave. and Franklin Ave.)
subway: G to Greenpoint Ave. or L to Bedford Ave.
Wednesday, Oct. 28 (tonight!)

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