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Drink Beer, Save A City

When has simply drinking beer been a charitable deed?  No, I’m not talking about acting as “wingman” for your roommate who’s trying to bang some hot piece of ass, while you get left with Chad from Accounting.

Rather, I’m talking about an event that a bartender and dear friend of mine, Erin, at Harefield Road has organized.  It’s the Ollantaytabo Flood Relief Beer & Raffle Fundraiser Fest 2k10!  I sort of made up that title, but anywho, it’s basically an afternoon of beers, Peruvian snacks and a raffle with fantastic neighborhood prizes! All tips go directly to the cause.

What is this cause, you ask?  Well, between January 25th and 30th, 2010 an excessive rainfall paralyzed the Cusco region of Peru. Rivers overran their banks and an entire valley flooded. English language news gave slight coverage to the evacuation of 3,000 tourists from Machu Picchu, but what has happened to the people who live in the valley?  By some reports 80,000 people have been affected and 60% of families in the Cusco Valley have lost their homes. Schools and crops have been destroyed and the damage will take years to repair.

Your time is NOW, Williamsburg, Brooklyn to have the opportunity to assist one town, Ollantaytambo, and give direct aid to the 17 families there that have lost their homes.  Because Erin has close and familial ties to this region, this event will put funds directly in the hands of community leaders.

Raffle prizes are all from local businesses in Williamsburg, including: Brooklynski, The Richardson, Fanny, Crest Hardware, Sara Macel Photography, Harefield Road, MeMe, Spoonbill and Sugartown, Lodge, and Urban Rustic.

Ollantaytabo Beer Fundraiser
Harefield Road
769 Metropolitan Ave (between Graham and Humboldt) [Williamsburg]
Saturday, February 20th, 4pm-8pm

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