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FREE DJ Set at Ace Hotel

Mondays.  I’m not sure what’s more depressing: waking up and going to work, or coming home and just wanting to sleep.  Break the cycle. Instead of going straight home and watching Hulu on your hand-me-down Ikea love seat, go to the Ace Hotel and sit on one of their plush sofas.  If you haven’t been, Ace Hotel’s lobby is a beautiful and inspiring place to relax and forget about how shitty your apartment is.

To help keep you distracted, each Monday at 8pm (in October) DJ Julie Twinkle will be spin her collection of punk, post-punk and mod.  Unfortunately, drinks at Ace Hotel are ridiculously expensive.  So you if want an afterwork cocktail you’ll have to flask it, or settle for the delicious coffee at the Stumptown cafe attached to the hotel.

DJ Julie Twinkle at Ace Hotel 
Mondays in October, 8PM
20 West 29th Street

Photo Credit: DJ Julie Tinkle from acehotel.com



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