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17 Mar 2009

We Be Bartending Wednesday at Habibi

An ideal guest bartender is one with previous experience, charisma, and a rolodex of big spenders and social butterflies who are ‘œthe life of the party’. My college nickname was Tallie McShitty, but thanks to desperate bar owners, the prohibitive criterion have evaporated and I’ll be behind the bar with

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13 Mar 2009

NY: D**k slap Friday the 13th before it goes limp on St. Patty’s Day

It’s time to get over Friday the 13th. I mean, the blood, from the ‘œth’? Seriously? Not scary. Worse still is that the movie that launched the craze is anti-sex. Puritanical Mrs. Voorhees hasn’t forgiven two counselors who had blissful, transcendental sex while her son Jason drowned nearby. Years later,

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11 Mar 2009

Get depressed, maybe angry, then add drunk to the list

Ah, a collegiate night on the UWS. Somewhat responsible, at that, for a while at least. Columbia is showing ‘œShake Hands with the Devil’, a documentary following a visit to Rwanda by the UN appointed general who was left powerless to intervene in the massacre of ~800,000 in 1994. I’ll

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10 Mar 2009

Free Mini-Film Fest with Free Cupcakes

    Better late than never on this one.  I heard about it a while ago, but have been inundated with’other things.  Anyway, here’s the low down on a two-week celebration that is one-week old, fashionable late.   Things get convoluted when you think about Street Attack, an ‘œalternative marketing

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09 Mar 2009

Dress like an entitled brat and get a free meal

      I’m gonna pull a David Paterson here and out myself on this so no one else can do it to me: I watch Gossip Girl.  I have a valid explanation though; since my girlfriend likes the show, and we don’t get to spend that much time together, and I

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06 Mar 2009

Split Thy Brooklyn Skull Barley Wine Weekend

  My god barley wines have sweet names. They also pack a fucking punch. Hercules Strong Ale, 11.5% alc./volume, was the first I ever tried. The bartender said he wasn’t allowed to serve me more than two and this was on Boston’s shitty-ass Lansdowne Street where people are absolutely wasted

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05 Mar 2009

Classy Whiskey Tasting Friday 6-8

  I’ve mentioned Dooley’s, that toffee vodka liqueur, a number of times and I’ll mention her again: ‘œTake your ubiquitous open bars and fuck off’. That’s because this Friday I’ll be upgrading to small batch bourbon whiskey distilled right here in Nueve York. Yea, when the clock strikes 8:01 and

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