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05 Aug 2010

Cheap Sweets: French Macaroons at Almondine's

When I first went to Paris I was sixteen and in the company of a slew of other privileged, Americans of comparable age and intellect sent there for a “summer study abroad” program by our parents. There are a million things to say about that but what I will say

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29 Jul 2010

Terrorist Attacks and Doin' It!

I generally buy books. I either buy them on Amazon or at The Strand or sometimes even full price at a place like McNally Jackson or St. Marks Books because I am all about supporting local outfits. All of that made me sort of forget about the fact that there

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10 Jun 2010

The Paley Center for Media Celebrates the FIFA World Cup!

I kind of don’t get what all the fuss is over The World Cup.  I mean, it’s…soccer, right?  Soccer, guys. However even I am excited to learn that  the amazing Paley Center for Media will allow viewers to watch live feeds of the games FREE EVERYDAY.  Through partnerships with ESPN

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I'm Running For Mayor of SF and I Need Your Help!

Over the past few years I’ve watched as San Francisco has been pulled out from under us and sold to the highest bidder. And I’m fed up and heartbroken. San Francisco is for everyone, not just the wealthy elite, and this is why I’ve decided to run for mayor....

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
21 May 2010

Don't Touch Me There! Anniversary Spectacular

Well guys, if your week has been anything like mine, the idea of laughing a lot at something that isn’t the carnival of your own misery is pretty damn appealing on this particular Friday.  Luckily, Pat Stango and Blaine Perry have the perfect Band-Aid for that gaping wound of discontent

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14 May 2010

Grease 2 Sing-a-long: Worth the Shame?

Via the good folks at Gothamist: As if there’s anything else to say after hearing:Grease 2 Sing-along! Yep, that is happening, this weekend. The 92YTribeca invites you to join in on the fun, saying, “Whether you’re a Pink Lady, a T-Bird, or a geek in the background, you’ll get your

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10 May 2010

Flawless Margaritas at Hecho en Dumbo

The very first I was ever really drunk-drunk, I was sixteen and in Monte Carlo for one day. I had a margarita at a shitty tourist sidewalk cafe and thought it was the best thing I’d ever tasted. In reality it probably tasted terrible, but getting drunk for the first

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07 May 2010

Limelight Marketplace Opens

So this is fucking weird.  And it makes me feel really old.  The very first ‘club” I was ever “up in” in my life has become a sort of haute-bourgeois foodie mecca and it opens this weekend.  The first place I ever saw real live drag queens and heard real

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