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Cheap Sweets: French Macaroons at Almondine's

When I first went to Paris I was […]

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Terrorist Attacks and Doin' It!

I generally buy books. I either buy them on Amazon or at The Strand or sometimes even full price at a place like McNally Jackson or

The Paley Center for Media Celebrates the FIFA World Cup!

I kind of don't get what all the fuss is over The World Cup.  I mean, it', right?  Soccer, guys. However even I am excited to learn

Don't Touch Me There! Anniversary Spectacular

Well guys, if your week has been anything like mine, the idea of laughing a lot at something that isn't the carnival

Grease 2 Sing-a-long: Worth the Shame?

Via the good folks at Gothamist:

As if there's anything else to say after hearing:Grease 2 Sing-along! Yep, that is happening, this weekend.

Flawless Margaritas at Hecho en Dumbo

The very first I was ever really drunk-drunk, I was sixteen and in Monte Carlo for one day. I had a margarita at a shitty tourist sidewalk cafe

Limelight Marketplace Opens

So this is fucking weird.  And it makes me feel really old.  The very first 'club" I was ever "up in" in my life has become

Soul Imperial at K&M

There's a ton of "First Saturday" shit happening tomorrow, and while it's all

Where NOT to go: Ben's Pizzeria

Some of you peeplez out there in the Internet-ether may know that for a good long while I had quit dairy. The reasons why aren't important because they're

Don't Touch Me There w/ Matt McCarthy FREE this Friday at Karma!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="I'm laughing already! At his morbid obesity..."][/caption] Guys its once again time for this blogs very favorite regularly occurring comedy show. We love it for