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Art by Ron Fleishman
16 Jan 2017

The Definitive Guide To Doing Psychedelics In NYC

By: Rebecca Rush  Psychs and the City “The best place in NYC to go on psychedelics is South Beach, says Kat Toledo, former New Yorker, current comedian and South Beach resident. “Upstate is also nice.” While it may seem counterintuitive, taking psychedelics in New York City is a wonderful opportunity to

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Divided america montage
20 Dec 2016

How To Actually Make America Great Again

By Mar-Li Pitcher and Lauryn Petrie  Red banners wave and the exuberant crowd’s cheers of “Make America Great Again” rise to the rafters. The working-class descendants of the Mayflower feel that they have finally found their king. Xenophobia and fear fuel their rabid enthusiasm. Meanwhile, outside, homeless people are having their

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05 Dec 2016

How To Work On Wall Street & Still Be a Good Person

By Mar-Li Pitcher  You show up at the office and are immediately pulled into a morning meeting filled with cult-like rituals, and subliminal messages disguised as “motivation”, all meant to brainwash you before working a 12+ hr day. Then you drag yourself home (after a pit stop at the bar)

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drag banner
05 Jul 2016

Life’s a Drag for Tammy Spenks & Dusty Ray Bottoms

By: Joe DeLong   There’s not a lot of mystery at a drag queen show. We know we’re gonna get bawdy jokes and lip synching. We know the crowd will get roasted and they’ll love it. We know the queen with the foot-high hair and the stilettos to die for

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01 Jul 2016

6 Beatles Songs You Should Know

By: Ben McCool “The Beatles are the most overrated band of all time. They’re also the best.” My childhood music tutor was quite the connoisseur of head-scratching proclamations, and the effort quoted above stands amongst his most intriguing. (Alas, it still falls short of, “McCool, you walk like a penguin.”) Oddball

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