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03 May 2010

$1 Slices at 2 Bros Pizza

I love buying things for $1.  There is no change, no counting bills.  At the corner store it doesn’t matter if there is a line or the clerk is on the phone or making a sandwich,  I just make eye-contact, show the bag of chips and throw the bill on

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01 Dec 2009

FREE Bombay Sapphire 11-midnight @ Deity Tonight

Deity is a new-ish bar/lounge in a converted synagogue located on the asphalt swath of Atlantic Avenue that keeps apart the abutting worlds of Boerum Hill and Fulton Street Mall. There was some hubbub when it opened because Talib Kweli was supposed to spin there  regularly. Tonight is a regular

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20 Oct 2009

FREE Rock n' Roll at Norwood: Madison South!

Madison South, whose name sounds equally at home as a reality-series title, will deliver some rock n’roll with a southern accent (and purdy hair) for all of the sub Mason-Dixon transplants and fans at the Norwood. If for nothing else, check out the ‘œdiscreet’ 4-story townhouse on 14th street that

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12 Jun 2009

Penny Beers and Captain Morgan Shots at Ellis Bar 9-10pm

  A penny saved is a beer undrunk tonight, which misleadingly paints Ben Franklin in the ugly light of  the big sopping wet blanket.  Too bad he is a huge baller, rocking hard-partying synapses to come up with incredible discoveries and inventions like the Franklin Stove, which doubled heat output

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11 Jun 2009

FREE Music @ Adult Swim Presents @ Santos Party House

I woke up hella early today because I’m house sitting and the cats are unbearable.  Not only do I need to give the 16 year old sack of bones a 50 ml IV drip of saline solution daily, but I also need to wipe her post-shit ass to prevent skidmarks

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10 Jun 2009

FREE Jerk Chicken @ Wednesday Reggae Nights with A Real Jamaican

  At the last reggae night at M Lounge we listened to the latest music from the island courtesy a recently returned couple who asked a local to make them a disc.  Nevermind that they were two whitefolk from Jersey, the music was straight Jamaican, which would disappoint fans of

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09 Jun 2009

Comedy and Secret Science Club : Both FREE and AWESOME

  Today is one of those days where you wake up and curse science for slacking on cloning technology.  Three choices for Grade A Shite.  There are actually infinitie choices for Grade A Shite on almost any night here, but to make my job easier I’ll only catalogue three.  I

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