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$1 Slices at 2 Bros Pizza

I love buying things for $1.  There is […]

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FREE Bombay Sapphire 11-midnight @ Deity Tonight

Deity is a new-ish bar/lounge in a converted synagogue located on the asphalt swath of Atlantic Avenue that keeps apart the abutting worlds of

FREE Rock n' Roll at Norwood: Madison South!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="This is what a band looks like when it's on stage."][/caption] Madison South, whose name sounds equally at home as a reality-series title, will

Penny Beers and Captain Morgan Shots at Ellis Bar 9-10pm

  A penny saved is a beer undrunk tonight, which misleadingly paints Ben Franklin in the ugly light of  the big sopping wet blanket.  Too bad he is a

FREE Music @ Adult Swim Presents @ Santos Party House

I woke up hella early today because I'm house sitting and the cats are unbearable.  Not only do I need to give the 16 year old sack of

FREE Jerk Chicken @ Wednesday Reggae Nights with A Real Jamaican

  At the last reggae night at M Lounge we listened to the latest music from the island courtesy a recently returned couple who asked a local to

Comedy and Secret Science Club : Both FREE and AWESOME

  Today is one of those days where you wake up and curse science for slacking on cloning technology.  Three choices for Grade A Shite.  There are actually infinitie

FREE David Byrne Concert in Prospect Park

This show demands a day's notice because you probably already have brunch plans followed by remote control cars in the park for today.  Plus, it's friggin David

FREE Floating Kabarette at Galapagos

  What is the difference between a stripper and a cabaret dancer?  About 30 lbs.  At least, so goes the stand-up joke.  Annnyway, there is so much free stuff

National Doughnut Day = FREE Krispy Kreme Donuts

The best doughnut related thing that comes to mind right now is a line from Vonnegut's "Slapstick", which he uses when someone not related to him in