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15 Dec 2016

The Best Drugs to Take Home for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. You’re leaving the life you built to step back into whatever family dynamic you fled. You’re going to need something stronger than carbs to avoid becoming the worst version of your adolescent self again. Our mantras and best intentions can only get us through

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30 Nov 2016

5 Brooklyn Bars To Have An Existential Crisis In

By Jake Flores  There are roughly 1700 bars open in New York at any given time (this is an ever shifting and impossible to pin down number). Some of them are world famous stalwarts of the beverage industry and some of them are flighty projects that fail after 6 months.

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09 Aug 2016

7 Delicious IPAs Brewed in NY

Love a fresh, crisp beer full of hoppy goodness? So do I. Originally brewed to rage the stormy seas from England to India, IPAs are high yielding hoppy beers full of flavor and alcohol! Wanna know what the fuck you should be drinking in New York? Here ya’ go: Southern Tier 2x  My

29 Jul 2016

Befriending a Bartender 101 (There’s Free Drinks!)

Going out is simultaneously the best and worst way to distract yourself from life’s problems. Yes, drinking is fun and awesome, but it can also be stressful and expensive as hell. Sometimes you go out with friends who are complete dicks and you end up pissing off the bartender. Sometimes

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01 Jul 2016

7 Things I’d Like to Thank Canada For

July 1st marks Canada Day when our pals to the north celebrate the birthday of their wonderful country. Now I could go on and on about how much I love the elite hockey players they’ve produced, their delicious maple syrup, and the joys of Labatts but that’s been done. I won’t

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27 May 2016

6 Cheap Burgers That Aren’t Shake Shack

I always find it so fascinating that every time I walk by a Shake Shack there’s a line around the block. I totally get for a lot of tourists this is a very affordable (Hamburgers are about $4) option for traditional American fare. But Shake Shack is now a national/international

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24 May 2016

10 Essential Summer Cocktails for NYC

Summer is ALMOST here… Yes, so far it’s been quite the cock tease. One day it’s so hot, you dress your pale body in booty shorts and crop tops, the next so cold you gotta take your parka back out from storage. But I am an optimist, and trust that

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