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25 Apr 2016

How to See the Mets for Cheap(er)

A little while ago BAS writer Amiee Kushner posted up a piece on how San Franciscans can see the Giants for cheap. Now, I will not subtly rag on the San Francisco Giants (if my Mets are not in a playoff situation and they are, I’m rooting for them). In

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01 Apr 2016

MOCCAFest: It’s Where the Art is this Weekend!

Starting bright and early (well, 11:00. . . ) this Saturday morning is the MoCCA Arts Festival, which is Comic-Con for those whose favorite ‘comic book’ movie is Ghost World. This convention, focusing on independent and small press comics/creators, was first organized in 2002 by the Museum of Comic and

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30 Mar 2016

The State of Homelessness in NYC and How to Help

There is not one day that goes by as a New Yorker that you don’t witness a homeless person pick something out of the garbage, sleep on absolutely dirty streets, and beg for a change or a bite to eat. Homelessness is one of the most important issues the 5

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50% off New Glasses + Free Shipping!

We wrote about the 6 rad reasons why shopping for glasses on will change the way you buy glasses forever. You can read about that here. But here's the important part: YOU GET 50% OFF + free shipping on your first pair of frames. Click to find out more!

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17 Mar 2016

What September 11th Can Still Teach Us About Each Other

I was a little kid when the attacks on the World Trade Center occurred. My Mother got me out of the Catholic school and we ran home to see my dad in the kitchen with the TV on. My interest at the time was on airplanes. I absolutely loved them,

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12 Mar 2016

When your best friend is dating your ex

Dark Anecdotes Of A Dating Idealist It was a 4th of July. I was fresh from spending 2 years in LA and I’d arrived with the promise that my Ex-boyfriend, Bob and I would get back together, except he dumped me instead… Nevertheless, the important ex in this story is

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08 Mar 2016

Top 5 Moments MTA Went Overboard

The Metropolitan Transit Authority gets a bad wrap from New Yorkers for being incompetent, dysfunctional, and money grabbing. And I’m here to tell you that they are absolutely right. These Transportation-Centric lunatics run this asylum and are willing to grab you by the scrote (or ovaries, everyone is equally screwed) to

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24 Feb 2016

What it Means to be a Times Square Mascot

The mascot is a sight to behold walking around the soul-sucking part of Manhattan known as Times Squares. Staring at a lonely Buzz Lightyear or a Superman is like watching an animal in its natural habitat (not to say the people who are in those costumes are animals, they are humans. But

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