Broke-Ass Mom Must Haves

I’m smelling a slight stench coming from the […]

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Stirring up Dinner

Broke-Ass Mom Chicken Broth

Nothing says Broke-Ass Mom more than homemade straight from the earth (or your compost in this case) chicken stock.  This has got to be one of the


Just a Broke-Ass Mom and Her BOB

It was a typical Monday morning.  My two-year-old son and I were on our way to the Safeway about a mile from our home with our BOB


Broke-Ass Mom Survives a Travelling Partner

With my husband travelling quite a bit lately, it’s got me thinking how does a Broke-Ass Mom survive without her Broke-Ass partner?  (I also think about all


Broke-Ass Mom Learns How to Make Friends

A few months ago, I wrote about how a Broke-Ass Mom could make some friends in a dog eat dog world. 


Broke-Ass Mom Flies Solo

My son and I are taking an airplane trip today to visit my parents - his grandparents - and that made me think about how a Broke-Ass


Valentine’s Day for a Broke-Ass Mom

Am I the only Broke-Ass Mom out there who’s a sucker for chocolate, preferably dark, on Valentine’s Day?  Starting about a week ago, all I see is


Story time for a Broke-Ass Mom

Thursdays mean story time for us at our local public library.  I have to admit that I did not seek it out when I became a SAHM;


Rainy Days Broke-Ass Mom Style

I’m literally giddy with excitement.  We are finally getting rain this week, and rain means rainy day activities.  It’s means I can finally stretch my Broke-Ass Mom

Child playing with toy wooden train

Broke-Ass Mom Gets Her Groove Back

Tuesday, January 2nd, snuck up on me like poop oozing out of my son’s diaper while we’re in the middle of story time at our