Dating Without A Voice: Eric Barry Dates With A Jaw Wired Shut (Part 1)

I try to purse my cracked lips open, […]

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Why Starting a Cult is a Great Way to Stop Being Broke

If this doesn't convince you, then IDK.

I’m fucking broke, man. I’m broke. And Groupon/Lifebooker/whatever discount website is trendy right now, is not REALLY


L Condoms Gives a F#ck by Donating One Condom for Each One You Buy

Condoms: the best/worst things ever. They're awesome when it comes to the whole "not getting preggers/not getting STD's" thing, but they can also make sexy time not


Broke-Ass Dating: Tinder

Tinder entered my life one night through the magic of Google. I was sitting around with my friend Gabby and the question arose of whether


Full Disclosure: Your Period’s Not That Gross

We all know that anything that comes out of a woman (other than relentless orgasms) is completely unnatural and disgusting. If that wasn't the case,


Full Disclosure: I Was F*cked with a Strap-On

For those of you who don't know what pegging is, it's a neologism created by all-around-awesome-guy Dan Savage, that basically involves a broom handle, some duct


Full Disclosure: If You Don’t Buy Me a Drink, I Won’t Date You

If I hear a woman talk about chivalry being dead one more time, I'm going to take her to dinner and not pay for it. Then I'm


Full Disclosure: Melissa King Unfairly Outed by Porn Company with Possible Ties to Arms Deals, Racketeering

There are many sacred trusts that should never be broken between an adult production company and its performers. But this week, GirlsDoPorn (NSFW, dum dum), broke


Full Disclosure: I Drink for the Sex

I drink a lot. Probably too much, but I don't know where you draw the line when it comes to putting poison in your body, so


How to have an epic Broke-Ass Valentine’s Day

This awesome card is from here.

They say that Valentine's Day started to celebrate Saint Valentine of Rome, martyred in 269 AD, then