Win Tickets to see ‘Mermaid’s Legs’ @ The Tank NYC!

  Ten homeschooled teens take an exploratory deep […]

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ward of cheap

A Broke-Ass Guide to London

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Tonight: The Revolution Will be Live Streamed

Before there were babies named Facebook, civilian revolutions popped up all over the Middle East, demanding basic freedoms, democracy and human rights. Their protests brought

Gravid Water: Part Improv, Part Play, All Awesome

Gravid Water is the theatrical equivalent of letting one side of a debate prepare statements, and not telling the other side what the debate topic is.

Shakespeare's Richard II…on Trapeze

Just when I thought people had run out of new interpretations for Shakespeare, other than setting his plays in high school starring various young starlets and

How I Know I Am Not A Teenager Any Longer

After a week of teaching theatre workshops with high school kids I have begun to see myself in

Once In A Lifetime – Survivors of The Atomic Bombs

Before recently, I was not aware that there are living survivors of the atomic bombs attacks

Giveaway: Theater Tickets for The Realm

Happy tax day tomorrow? You're probably one of three things right now: pissed about waiting until who knows when for your New York State

Weekend in a Convent.

I decided to take a theatre workshop a couple of weeks ago which required that I go to upstate New

Book Club Burlesque Does The Curious Sofa

While Bushwick Book Club combines bitchin' music with works of literature, the Inbred Hybrid Collective's book club multiplies the sexiness of reading