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YBB new book

Win an Autographed Copy of Young, Broke and Beautiful and a Dirty Limerick!

I know you’ve heard a lot about my most recent book Young, Broke and Beautiful: Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply. But maybe there are a few of you who (gasp!) haven’t gotten a copy yet. Well now is your chance! I’m giving out two autographed copies.

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FREE Film Screening at the High Line

Come out to The Highline on Monday and/or Tuesday night for Atom Fables, a FREE  screening of  Laleh Khorramian's short films, scored live by musician Shahzad Ismaily


The “Broke as Hell” East Coast Book Tour

The "Broke as Hell" Book Tour is coming to an East Coast city near you! Broke-Ass Stuart (host of IFC's "Young, Broke & Beautiful") is