24 May 2017

Australians Furious Over Movie Where a Guy Bangs Other Guy with Didgeridoo

By Jonas Barnes A guy fucked another guy on film with a didgeridoo, and Australia is pissed off. Now I want you to read that sentence again, slowly, and savor all of the mental flavor profiles you’re getting out of it. Swish it around in your brain like a fine

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23 May 2017

The Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chip Isn’t as bad as you think it is

OFF MENU IS SPONSORED BY EMPEROR NORTON’S BOOZELAND THE TENDERLOIN’S NEWEST HISTORIC DIVE.  HAPPY HOUR NOON – 7PM The @tacobell naked chicken chips are like if a chicken nugget and the old school Taco flavored @doritos had a baby and then you pumped liquor store nacho cheese on it. . . . #nakedchickenchips

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23 May 2017

We wanna send you and a friend to the Monterey Pop 50 Festival!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS FOR A 3 DAY GENERAL ADMISSION PASS   The Monterey International Pop Festival was the first major festival to celebrate the importance of rock and roll. Serving as the festival that marked the beginning of the “Summer of Love”, the Monterey International Pop Festival not only jumpstarted

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23 May 2017

The Insane Travel & Leisure Costs of the Trump Presidency

Trump may spend more on travel and security in his first year in office than all of Obama’s 8 years combined

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23 May 2017

Why It Is So Hard to Climb Out of Poverty

If you are broke, you already know that there are about a hundred reasons why climbing out of poverty is a challenge. Jobs are hard to come by these days, and those you are offered may pay less than a living wage as income inequality continues to rise. To top

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22 May 2017

We wanna send you to see British Artist Ray BLK!

24-year-old Rita Ekwere is better known under her stage name of Ray BLK. She’s a British singer and songwriter who was born in Nigeria, and grew up in Catford in London. She won the BBC’s Sound Of 2017, and was the first unsigned artist to do so. On October 28, 2016,

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22 May 2017

When a Pro-Trump Rally Happens in a Small Liberal Town

By Rebecca Rush  If you have never been to a Trump protest with both sides rallying, I can sum the whole thing up for you in five words: Facebook comments come to life.  If you’d like to know more, read on. New London is a magical place on the shoreline of

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