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Broke-Ass Bulletin for the Week of November 7th!

Welcome to the Broke-Ass Bulletin, a post designed to keep you up on cool shit you may have missed in the last week. Since we’ve all finally recovered from Halloween, here is some news to finally wipe off that clown mask once and for all. [No, really, do it. You're scaring everyone.] If you have any favorite links from the week, leave them in the comments or send them to info@brokeassstuart.com!

Dog Day Afternoon: So glad that Mission Misson got a great shot of one of my favorite dogs in the city. Always makes me feel good when I see him hanging out his window on my way to Dolores. The question is: is HE ever at Dolores? [MM]

Melty Move-In: South Park is expecting a new eatery titled The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. I’m already sold. Though it will probably cost an arm and a leg for a sandwich, here’s to wishful thinking that they’ll get a croque monsieur on the menu for around $5. [Eater SF]

Super Sponsor: Laughing Squid is now officially sponsoring Frank Chu’s 12 Galaxies sign. I couldn’t approve more. [Laughing Squid]

Corporate Conundrum: Now, I’m not entirely sure if this blog is real or a joke, but Safeway Girl definitely has me reading. I thought maybe all of her information was useless [how hard is it to read sale tags?], but she gives us a tutorial on how to shop at Costco without a card. [Safeway Girl]

Drinking, Interrupted: If you’ve been wondering why the fuck the 14 has been packed with porkers lately, the SFPD are trying out a new sting operation to try to prevent violations on MUNI. As in, tell people to stop chewing on their bagels in the morning, telling the kids to pay at the front and keeping fights from going down. Looks like the new hall monitor is getting rid of everything that makes your commute interesting. [Streetsblog]

Crafty Christmas: While Kate has you covered on almost every D.I.Y. project you could imagine, I’m really trying to think about my Broke-Ass Christmas in advance. This wreath is definitely getting made to be put on my door and this t-shirt scarf tutorial is perfect — I’m making circle and fringe scarves for all my lady friends this year. Let the amazing t-shirt hunts begin. [Bluebird Vintage, College Fashion]

WTF: Did you know bears can go bald? Well now you do. Don’t click ahead if you are eating, drinking, masturbating, mid-coitus or have a weak stomach. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. [The Awl]

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  • Alex

    Really digging the Bulletins, keep it up! Especially love the skinny on cheap eats in the city (i.e. Ike’s, street carts, @#$! CROQUE MONSIEURS etc.)

    Was gonna tweet that, but fuck the 140.

  • http://xpress.sfsu.edu Monica Miller – The Intern

    awww, thanks. :] and i’m glad you’re not down to limiting yourself to 140 characters, sir.