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More Drawing Contests! Free Money and a Boatload of Ice Cream!

First Oakland needed a new t-shirt, now it’s Three Twins Ice Cream that’s looking for your fashion instincts and/or graphic design skills. All you’ve got to do is email your design to threetwinstees@gmail.com and make sure it’s got the Three Twins name or logo in it. If you’re the talented winner you’ll get $333 cash. If you design the kiddie tee, you’ll get $333 in Three Twins Gift Certificates. If you win the gift certificate, you have to buy me ice cream. (That’s how websites work.)

Here’s the scoop from their website:

Submission Guidelines:
• Entries should be e-mailed as a pdf or jpeg to threetwinstees@gmail.com. Please include your name and phone number with your entry. Entries should incorporate the Three Twins Ice Cream logo and/or name.

• Enter as often as you like.
• Adults may enter the Kids contest and kids may enter the adult contest.
• The winners will be determined by Three Twins Staff. Winning entries become the property of Three Twins Organic Inc.
• Winning contestants must sign a release to receive prizes. Winning contestants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the release to receive her/his prize.

And of course they always have hippy-dippy organic ice creams and vegan sorbets at the shop on Haight and Fillmore.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/chloemakesmusic Chloe – Pennywise Reporter

    you’re so good at linking. i wish 3 twins made vegan ice cream.

  • http://aggressivepanhandler.com Andrew

    Oh, but they do! Maybe it wasn’t clear, but I checked their site and they always try to have at least one soy milk/vegan “ice cream” and all the sorbets are vegan. Also, I learned the difference between sherbet (has some cream/milk, but less than ice cream) and sorbet (all fruit!).

    The more you know!

  • http://brokeassstuart.com tatianna vargas

    I can draw good! :^)

  • http://www.myspace.com/loop-d-lou Erica Deare

    I am working on my artwork and will be finished hopefully in a couple days….be on the look out. I know I’m excited.

  • Tez Parker

    Hey I want to enter your art ocntest

  • Charlestonparker

    i like it good job

  • Charlestonparker

    i like it good job