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Pour Back Some Microbrews on the Cheap at Magnolia's $3 Tuesdays

Keeping it vintage Haight-style

I just found out yesterday, that I’ve been missing out on Magnolia’s killer selection of house-brewed beers because I’d always assumed the place was too expensive for joe schmoe like me to just waltz in and have a beer. Not true! In fact, every Tuesday night Magnolia drops the price on all their in-house beers to an affordable $3, and since pretty much all of their beers are over 6% alcohol, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. What’s on tap changes with the seasons and whatever their currently brewing, so you’ve even got a great excuse to make repeat visits (not that you’d need it).

And of course who could forget Magnolia was the first stop on Stuart’s Swagger Stagger walking tour? That alone should be endorsement enough to check out what they’re pouring.

Magnolia Gastropub
All beers on tap $3
Every Tuesday
1398 Haight Street at Masonic [Upper Haight]

Photo via: yelper Shaina G.

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