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Last Minute Love: The Haighteration Happy Hour at Mad Dog in the Fog

That's in like...a minute...

Haighteration, the only blog you need for news from the gunshots-and-cheap-beer side of the Haight (as opposed to the Sit/Lie and microbrews side of the Haight) is throwing their first official Haighteration Happy Hour tonight at Mad Dog in the Fog starting at 5pm. Our friend Andrew (not me) who runs the site says there will be FREE snacks and $1 off all drinks, which should be enough to get you down to the Lower Haight, but if you can head there early D-Structure next door will also be serving up FREE drinks and 10% off goods from 4 – 5pm, so you’d better get a move on.

Haighteration Happy Hour
FREE Drinks and 10% off goods at D-Structure from 4-5pm
$1 of all drinks and FREE Snacks at Mad Dog in the Fog from 5 – 7pm
530 Haight St at Fillmore [Lower Haight]
More info on Haighteration

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