Good Vibrations


Win a $25 Gift Card to Good Vibrations

Hooray for orgasms! Honestly, the world would be […]

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A Party Giving the Middle Finger to your New Year’s Resolution

Special discount for BAS readers: Use discount code BROKEASS for $10 off tickets!! Buy your tickets here!! We all knew you weren't gonna keep that New Year's Resolution

full disclosure eric barry broke-ass stuart pegging strap-on

Full Disclosure: I Was F*cked With a Strap-on

For those of you who don't know what pegging is, it's a neologism created by all-around-awesome-guy Dan Savage, that basically involves a broom handle,


Celebrate Muni Diaries’ 4th Birthday with FREE Magaritas

Oh strange and fickle mistress. Though I'll never understand you, I need you in my life, and I ride the shit out of you.


Free Meat Fix at SFBG’s Annual Pride Kick-off This Wednesday

Holy Week is upon us queers! In addition to the juggernaut of over-priced parties and cover charges that will greet thee at every turn, there are the

Win Tickets to the World Premiere of GUSH at the Roxie

Listen up, guys and girls.  Word on the street is you're trying really hard to please your lady, and she definitely appreciates the effort, but you're

FREE Vibrators! FREE Beer! FREE Ice Cream! And More!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="230" caption="This is either ice cream or a vibrator - we're not sure."][/caption] Yupyupyup. You've read that correct. Who knew that you'd wake up today and

Help a Homo Out and Save the Broke-Ass Heroes at the Lyon-Martin Clinic This Sunday!!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sexy raffle prizes!"][/caption] As the city flirts every so often with the mainstream and homogeny, that which makes us different becomes all the more dear-

FREE Champagne and Cake at Good Vibrations Thursday Night

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="It's always the right time for cake."][/caption] I have a strong premonition that you'll be feeling the effects of St. Patrick's Day Shitshow 2010 on

Be a Better Masturbator

Ok, so let's say you're looking to do something cheap today but don't feel like sitting on the hard bleachers at a $2 baseball game and don't wanna