Bacon Bacon: The Food Truck Dedicated to the Noble Pig…

Before finally giving in and reluctantly surrendering my […]

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hiyaaa-food- truck

Hiyaaa!: A karate chop to the wallet…

Hiyaaa! is either a popular truck, or I just got there too late. They were out of everything, and so I settled...was forced to settle on curry. But,


Kinder’s BBQ…

Whenever clear blue skies start to peek between tiers of the fluffy cumulus floating by, I start to think of the warmer months to come. And when I


Susie Q’s Lunchbox: Cheap homage to Louisiana…

I'm sure when Louisiana-born Dale Hawkins wrote Susie Q in 1957, the last thing he thought it would spark was a Nola, Louisiana food truck (with a name

java beach

Java Beach Serves the Sunset

When I lived out in the Sunset District back in the day, Java Beach was my favorite hang out. The neighborhood coffee shop


Cheap Special at Valencia Pizza and Pasta

As far as cheap eating goes Valencia Street isn't quite the bastion of affordable grub it once was. When neighbourhoods go upscale, they tend to take their


Fill Up at Fillmore Street Cafe

The Fillmore Street Cafe is probably the closest and cheapest place for decent food to my house - especially on those days when you are so hungover you


Giordano Bros – All in One Sandwiches

A good friend first brought me to Giordano Bros on St. Patrick's Day and since then I seem to have forgotten that any other restaurants in North Beach

Old-Timey Lunch and Cheapie Treats at the Miyako Ice Cream Parlour

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Auntie? Uncle? Photo from Yelp."][/caption] Fillmore Street can be a pretty damn depressing stretch to walk through at times.  If you look down at the

Play the $4 Po' Boy Sandwich Lottery at Falletti Foods

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Avoid all this stuff and look for the cheap sandos"][/caption] I'm something of a connoisseur when it comes to sandwiches. There's really no more versatile