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The People’s Republic of Cork

Updated: Apr 12, 2011 10:38
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Come to Cork. Seriously, stop reading this blog, open up your browser, and buy a plane ticket. Come on do it! What was that? You’ve got work tomorrow? Alright, I understand (sigh). No, I’m not hurt; it’s just that I was really looking forward to sitting with you in this great little pub I found, listening to some traditional music and drinking some Murphy’s (that’s the big stout down here, not Guinness). I also really wanted to take you to this Nigerian restaurant I went to the other night. There were three of us, a German guy named Kevin, a British guy named Stuart (good name), and myself. We were hungry and walking down MacCurtain St. when we found the little unmarked restaurant. Oh, it was SO good, and seeing that we were the only non Nigerians there, it’d be pretty safe to say that the food was authentic and not some kind of new age fusion. But then again I’ve never been to Nigeria.

Anyway, just a couple days ago I went to visit the town of Cobh (pronounced Cove), where the ship, the Titanic made its final departure from. And the day before that I went with Evalina and Maria, two Greek girls I met, to visit Blarney Castle. Yes, I did kiss the Blarney Stone, and yes I do know that the locals supposedly pee on it at night so the dumb tourists can kiss their urine the next day, but how could I make it all the way up there and not kiss it? Especially when there is this crazy 65 year old guy up there whose job is to support you while you hang upside down to it.

I’m telling you, you would love this place. Did you know that Cork was the 2005 European Capital of Culture? I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I do know there were all sorts of fireworks and festivals and concerts and craic. Craic (pronounced Crack) is what the folks over here call having fun, or a good time. You’d say, “Let’s go over to An Brog, it’s good craic over there.” In fact An Brog really was a good time. On Sunday a Canadian named Eli took a group of us; a Hungarian, a Swede, a Croatian, an Aussie, and myself, to An Brog. It was easily my favourite night here so far. The DJ played Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Curtis Mayfield, the whole bar was dancing and jumping and sweating and screaming, and it was incredible!

So are you coming or what? Seriously, if you come to Cork, you won’t regret it. It was the 2005 European Capital of Culture for Christ’s sake!

Well anyway, this is your boy Stuart signing off from the People’s Republic of Cork. Wait, what was that? Oh yes, I really look forward to hearing from you again too. Peace.

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