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Anthony Bourdain and the Rockettes

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I just got back from seeing Anthony Bourdain speak at a brand new Barnes & Noble down in TriBeca tonight.  I’m a relatively recent fan of his, I only got turned on to his show within the last six months or so, thus I was the only dip-shit who showed up without a book to be signed.  I also wasn’t about to spend my cash at Barnes and Noble (support independent booksellers god dammit!), so I did the next best thing, I signed one of my books and brought it to him.  

Is that really egomaniacal?  Probably.  But here’s what I was thinking:  I travel and I write books, he travels and he writes books.  He has a TV show, I want a TV show…maybe he’ll like my shit and wanna hype it.  Right?  Who knows?  

Anyway what ended up happening was that he spoke, did a Q & A and then signed everyone’s book.  Which was super cool of him BUT I of course ended up at the back of the line which meant that I had to wait for almost an hour to walk up, give my book to him, mumble something like, “I’mmaTravelWriterIlikeYourShowAlotHere’smyBook” and then get ushered off to the side so someone who actually bought one of his books could get it signed.  

To be honest though, after hearing him speak I dig the dude even more.  He might be the realest guy on television and he did seem genuinely stoked to be receiving my book.  If you’re reading this Bourdain, next time we meet I’ll buy you a drink (as long as it’s a cheap one). 

I didn’t take any pictures because I’m just not that cheesy, so instead I’m posting pictures from the Rockettes show that me and my lady went to the other night.  

 The Rockettes The Rockette Nativity Scene 

(The Rockets)                                          (The Nativity Scene) 

Fuck if I know what's going on...This was just beforet he flying midget

(Fuck if I know what’s going on.  It was just after the flying midget.)   

What’s funny about the “Rockettes’ Christmas Extravaganza” is that I got randomly picked to be searched after entering the building.  They must have known that I was Jewish 🙂

Oh and just one more thing before I sign off: buy my book suckas!  It’ll make a great Kwanzaa present.


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