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Updated: Aug 31, 2011 10:09
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Having a craving for something sweet but don’t feel like eating another god-damn Kit-Kat Bar?  Peep these gems.  One’s got free samples and the other sells gourmet doughnuts…seriously.

 The Doughnut Plant 

San Francisco: 

Z.Cioccolato: 474 Columbus @ Green

CANDY!!!!  If you feel like giving a subtle fuck you to your dentist, drop in and check out Z.Cioccolato.  Here you can buy candy in bulk as well as truffles and homemade fudge.  But the best thing of all is that they let you sample almost anything you want, as long as your not a greedy little piggy and take too much.

New York: 

Doughnut Plant: 379 Grand St. btw Essex & Norfolk Sts.

Did you ever think that you could afford something 'œdesigner' or  'œgourmet'?  I never did until I went to the Doughnut Plant.  While the goods here would be considered expensive if you held them to the standards of other doughnuts, you’re still only spending $1-$2.50 for the best fried dough of your life.  Plus the stuff comes in flavors you never thought possible: chai, lime, rosewater, roasted chestnut'I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an everlasting gobstopper flavor.  The dude behind the doughnuts, Mark Israel, changes up the flavors every 4-6 weeks, so there’s always something new and yummy for your cute little taste buds.  Go to the Doughnut Plant and treat yourself to something fancy, and while you’re at it get me a Tres Leche doughnut, they’re disturbingly good. 

P.S. Wanna know a random Doughnut fact?  In 1990, 90% of California’s independent Doughnut shops were owned by Cambodian immigrants.  What you don’t believe me?  Google it.      





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