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Yes yes, we all love the internet for many reasons: porn, myspace, porn, google maps, porn, porn…the list is endless really.  But just the other day I got good news from the old internet.  A recent article published in Time Magazine, which I saw on, detailed a new study that shows how having a couple alcoholic beverages a day is as a good for your heart as doing light exercise!  I’ll drink to that!  Here is the link if you wanna read the article yourself:,9171,1706768,00.html?cnn=yes

I’ve also begun having a new Spanish word emailed to me everyday so as to help improve my use of the language.  You know what the word today was?  Pollack…seriously.  Can you believe that?  Just in case you want ask someone how to get to Greenpoint, Brooklyn using derogatory terms in Spanish, the word for Pollack is abadejo.  As in, “Yo quiero perogis, donde estas los abadejos?”

 Yeah, the internet rocks. 

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