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If you live in the Mission or are there a lot, you know 24th Street is the next big spot.  First it was Divis, then Polk and now 24th Street is getting a gentrified, hipster makeover. Phat Philly has found a great home near Mission street, and I hear their sandwiches are to die for.  George’s on 24th already has an avid fan base for their delicious roasted potatoes and tender, juicy meats.  But the best one to move in so far?  Humphry Slocombe.  

Though the ice cream shop is hard to miss with this blue awning, chances are you’ll spot the huge line outside the door first.  The hot weather in January has made the perfect atmosphere for an opening '” almost to the point where you’d think they’d planned it.  But it’s their great customer service, warm smiles, and very unusual flavors that make this place a must visit for the next time you’re thinking of taking the 14 or the 49.  For just $4.50, you can get three scoops to share with all your friends and, let me assure you, there is something for everyone.  We tried the: 

* Valrhona Fudgesicle. [Extremely rich — for serious chocolate lovers only!]

* Guinness Gingerbread. [With real chunks! Delicious and somewhat savory.]

* Balsamic Caramel. [The real winner.  So tangy and amazing.  If you doubt it even for a second, just dive  straight in. you won’t  forget it.]


They offer free tastes of everything, just in case you’re a little unsure about the salt and pepper or foie gras. [yes, they really have foie gras ice cream!] and though they are looking to produce the 20-30 or so flavors on the back of their postcards, they are producing small batches for now to ease into the demand. Soon they will be offering sundaes and cones as well '” I can’t wait!  The ice cream is rich and creamy and is not for the faint of heart.  Trust me, you’ll want to try them all, but if you’re alone, one scoopwill definitely do you.

– Monica the Intern


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Monica Miller - The Intern

Monica Miller - The Intern

Ms. Miller was born in San Diego, CA to one lesbian mother and one
righteous, cheap father. Currently, she is enrolled at San Francisco
State University for a B.A. in Journalism and the approximate
completion date is around 2015. She has worked for many papers in the
Bay Area, including the Oakland Tribune and the San Mateo Country
Times and is currently the city editor at one of the most
underappreciated publications in SF, the Golden Gate [X]press. Though
she may find bargains aplenty, it only stems from the necessity of
never landing an actual job and working for hacks [like Stuart.] With
intelligence, style, poise, bite, and honesty, she will rip your heart
out; but not before writing some awesome, poignant shit. This year,
she is looking forward to bigger and better things such as: trying to
get paid for a gig, actually finding a date that isn't a loser or
fucking crazy, not calling her parents when hungover and bringing you
the best of the 7x7 everyday of the week. [By the way, I wasn't
kidding about the date thing; if you love food, booze and shoegaze,
get at me.]

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  1. margaret atkinson
    April 5, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    the good service is complements of my daughter, Emily, the good looking, blue-eyed girl working there! Saw her picture on Amy’s blog and it’s so nice to see her at work as I live in NY and miss her. Cannot wait to try the ice cream everyone is raving about during my visit to SF this month. M