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Stupid A/C and Free Concert Series at Pier 17

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My new room’s shitty windows are horrible for drafts, which means that when my face un-numbed itself from last night’s free tequila tasting in LES, I woke up to some cold air. Then, the window unit A/C fell out the window when I tried air out the eau de cigarette that is included with my room. It looked graceful falling two stories until impact with the frozen ground sent a few pieces of Chinese plastic flying.  Some carpenters working next door clapped sarcastically.  I would have too.  

I know, I know.  What kind of putz doesn’t secure the A/C unit before opening the window? Well, I’m from Maine gol durnit! I’ve never used one of these things except when I was a kid on hockey trips to Canada or Vermont, staying Howard Johnsons. It was winter and I thought the little white remote was for the television.
Anyway, this is all loosely related '“ think cold weather and embarrassment '“ to the Seaport Music Winter Fest free concert series downtown at Pier 17, Friday’s at 7pm.   And if you want to show off those weak ankles,  you can cough up the $5 to ice skate (+ $7 in the unlikely event you don’t own your own skates).  Your girlfriend would probably think it’s cute.

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A Color Green - Wesley Snipe's Accountant

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  1. February 4, 2009 at 9:00 pm

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