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Last night I went a FREE big air contest sponsored by Red Bull and almost paid 10 toes.  It was the coldest I’d been in my life.  My parents insistence on making me uncool in high school with hats and gloves came to mind as I looked at all the tweeners without any proper winter wear.  After being bumped into a million times and exchanging quick exchanges with glassy, bloodshot eyes, I realized this crowd confronted J Frost with weed and alcohol. My long underwear wasn’t doing shit. Although he didn’t win, ginger wonder boy Shaun White was boosting noticeably bigger and more smoothly than the others.

If the mercury rises check out the Free Winter Jam.  You can do some sledding, snowshoeing, trampolining, and ice climbing, all fueled by live music and free edible schwag from the warming huts.

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A Color Green - Wesley Snipe's Accountant

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