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Bone up on Slang with Danny Cassidy

Updated: Nov 12, 2018 17:08
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photo from NY Times

Tonight at 6:30 there is a free gathering at Lolita (266 Broome @ Allen) with Irish music and readings from the works of Danny Cassidy. Cassidy was, among other things, a lover of slang and etymology and a lot of his work strives to show the influence the Irish and Scots have had on the way we speak here in the New World. Check out Alexander Cockburn’s intimate article to get a flavor. Here is an excerpt:


Stool pigeon: Steall béideán, pron. stoll beejaan, to spout gossip, lies, slander, aspersions, scandal; a spouting snitch; a spouter of scandal, calumny, lies.
Stoolie: Steall éithigh, pron. stall eehih, spouting lies, fig. a snitch; stooler: steallaire, a tattler.


Even more useful slang and etymology from Cassidy in this article in the Times.

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