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Classy Whiskey Tasting Friday 6-8

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I’ve mentioned Dooley’s, that toffee vodka liqueur, a number of times and I’ll mention her again: 'œTake your ubiquitous open bars and fuck off'. That’s because this Friday I’ll be upgrading to small batch bourbon whiskey distilled right here in Nueve York. Yea, when the clock strikes 8:01 and the tasting ends, I’ll probably drunk call Dooley’s and be all like 'œBaby, you know I love you, I just needed to try something new'. She’ll riff on my whiskey dick, but she’ll take me back.

Where: Bottlerocket @ 5 W 19th Street

When: Friday, March 6, 6pm-8pm

How: no reservations required

Why: free, are you serious?

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