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How to go to a FREE Taping of the Daily Show

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There are tons of shows looking to fill up their studio audiences. 30 Rock has no seating, so after a lengthy debate with myself I chose The Daily Show over The View. John Stewart’s eye rolls live beat a seat next to a Bible Belter in a seasonally-theme sweatshirt. Sorry Aunt Suzanne.

There are a number of ways to go about this. Some are stupider than others. Online ticket distributors can charge money, require accounts, or only allow advanced booking. Sometimes all three. You can even just stand outside like a jackass, but this is easier:

1. Go to the official Daily Show ticketing website
2. Choose your date and input your information. FYI, they overbook everything because they need a full house. So you can reserve same day, even when it says sold out. Just show up early and beat the slackers to the line.
3. Receive a confirmation email and RESPOND to confirm your reservation.
4. Show up early. 'œSuggested' time is 3:30-4 pm, but if it is warm out make it 3:00. If it’s cold'well, do you want to see the damn taping or not?
5. Laugh when they tell you to laugh, clap when they tell you to clap, and leave when they tell you to leave and there won’t be any problems.

'¢ tip: sometimes studios are pumped with cold air so hosts don’t get burger-sized pit stains. Bring a sweatshirt, quilt, or E-Z Bake oven.

Info from The Daily Show reservations team
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is at 733 11th Avenue (btw 51st and 52nd Street)
Email: Phone: 212-586-2477

What you need to do:
Everyone must be 18 years and older. Have City/State ID. 'œSuggested' arrival time is between 3:30pm and 4:00pm. Your guests may meet you on line until 4:30pm. Past 4:31pm they will not be allowed to meet you on line. If your guest shows up past 4:31pm they will be asked to get on the back of our General line. We over book all shows to ensure that all seats in the studio are full. Therefore, entry into the studio is on a first come first serve basis. You reserved your tickets with us but you will not be confirmed until we start giving out our studio tickets. Our doors open at 5:15pm. Show ends around 7:15pm. Groups larger than four will be turned away at the door, even if they are separate reservations. The parking garage at 680 12th Avenue is offering all audience members a discounted parking price of $10.00.

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