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Today I’m going to reveal a little inner dorkling, but don’t worry, I’ll temper it with some theatrical overcompensation, Tarantino style. After university, I walked away from a neuro-imaging internship with Harvard to go teach tennis  in Switzerland. I’ve been sidetracked ever since, but still love all things neuro, including things like, ya know, thinking and feeling. So go to a  free lecture exploring the Evolutionary Depth of Language Areas in the Brain at the American Museum of Natural History. Remember, language is one of the things that make us better'er, different from many animals, as does face-to-face sex, religion, and the invention of almost everything one would describe as technological. We are also alone in insulting the mothers of said inventions when we get mad.

If this event sounds super lame, its ok, I still love you. Just less than my kin. But, I’ve prepared an alternative because, well, providers have more status among males and appear more attractive evolutionarily as mates, despite your frontal lobe’s effort.

Nerdy Neuro-Lecture

When: Monday, March 23 6:00pm

Where: American Museum of Natural History, Kaufmann Theatre (first floor)

Un-nerdy 10 cent wing night (minimum $2.00 order):

When: Every Monday and Wednesday from 5:00pm-1am

Where: Croxley Ales (28 Ave. B btw. 2nd and 3rd)

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