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Sustainable bags of the non-tea variety (be it quaffable leaf or indigestible balls) will be all yours today if you decide to partake in a little DIY  thanks to a partnership made in Brooklyn between the 3rd Ward and Bags fr the People.  Even if you bought all 6 of the iconic remakes Ashley wrote about last week, I still maintain that  things made with your own hands are better.  But, maybe I’m just  justifying my self administered haircut.

In any event, according to their event posting you are in charge of bringing your own fabric and fun; they will procure sewing machines, instruction, drinks, snacks, and live music.  The goal is to reduce the use of plastic bags since disposables aren’t cool anymore.

If you can’t fit bag making into your schedule or just feel you aren’t up to the task of bringing your own fun, you can always pick up a free bag , perfect for hauling all of your aerosol and contrails, courtesy of Bags for the People at Hawthorne Valley Farm Stand @ Union Square (East 17th Street and Broadway).

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Bag Making Details

Where: 3rd Ward 195 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn

When: Monday, March 30th 7-11 pm

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