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Free Fancy Pants Coffee at Four Barrel

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I’m not a coffee drinker.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it (for fuck’s sake, we all know I have more vices than I can count), it’s just never been my thing.  But I certainly know how important the dark drink is to some people.  Back in high school I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter soup kitchen on the weekends.  The one thing they made sure to never run out of was coffee because they knew that if they did, there would be a riot.  And it’d be a goddamn smelly one at that.


Anyways, the people I know who do drink the stuff tell me that Four Barrel is mind blowingly good.  And for those of you into getting your mind blown for free, I’ve got great news.  Every Monday from 8-10am Four Barrel will be giving out FREE COFFEE.  Look, I know you just looked at your clock and said, “What the fuck Stuart?  It’s already Monday afternoon!  Don’t you think you could’ve posted this a little earlier?”  And I agree with you, I should’ve, but this isn’t the place for whining.  If you wanna do that go to Yelp.


I’m told the coffee here is pretty expensive so this sounds like a great deal to me.  You just have to be willing to deal with the hipster malaise gaze that goes along with any of the “cool” cafes in the Mission.  The deal ends on 4/20, so put it on your calendar for next week now.

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