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image from Vada Spa

image from Vada Spa

Today Vada Spa is having a day of 'œBeauty and Fashion'. The fashion is the spring line from Signette (a marriage of “European good taste and American practicality”), on sale up to 60%. The 'œbeauty' of course does not refer to symmetrical bone structure surgery, let alone character development, but FREE hair removal on your lips or chin. There is also free acupuncture. Not quite sure how that falls under beauty by any stretch. Like a massage it is either totally self-indulgent and awesome, or therapeutic and still awesome, unless it is rolphing. All other spa services are 30% off, except the damaging message that you aren’t fine just the way you are, moustache, billy goatie and all. That’s free too.

Event page here

When: Tuesday, March 31st 11am-7pm

Where: Vada Spa @ 387 6th Avenue

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