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Free Tea Today 12-4 @ Oren’s Locations

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At some point I made a conscious effort to not nurture a coffee/tea drinking habit because of the sheer economics behind having to buy your daily fix. Plus, it’s like oysters. If you don’t really like them, don’t eat them. But, most of my friends were buying sugary lattes that didn’t even have a bitter hint of coffee bean for the jolt.  Co-workers said they didn’t feel normal without it. “I can’t start my day without it”. Dunkin Donuts’ slogan “America Runs On Dunkin Donuts” just pissed me off, because it is not talking about our nation jogging on the caloric energy of their foodstuffs, but our reliance on their joe.

Well, thanks to the sharp eyes at FreeNYC, none of this matters today if you are a tea drinker because a coffee place (Oren’s Daily Roast) is celebrating its anniversary with a tea place (Mighty Leaf Tea Co.) by giving away free, 12 oz. teas from 12-4.  What a boring baby, although they do sound exotic. If only they could partner with a strumpet company. Or is it strudel? Make it both and I’m there.

Offerings: Organic Breakfast, Tropical Green Tea, and Organic African Nectar.


Upper East Side:
985 Lexington Avenue (@ 71st Street)
1144 Lexington Avenue (@ 79th St.)
1574 First Avenue (bet. 81st & 82nd Sts)

830 Third Avenue (@ 51st St.)
Grand Central Market (in Grand Central Terminal)*
Grand Central Cafe (in Grand Central Terminal)

Upper West Side:
2882 Broadway (bet 112th & 113th Sts.)

434 Third Avenue (bet 30th & 31st Sts)
31 Waverly Place (bet. University & Greene Sts)

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