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FREE Wild Parrot Safari Brooklyn: Special Doubleheader

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Well, it’s the first week of April, so I’m sure I hardly need to tell you that the Quaker Parrots are stirring in Brooklyn. These parrots, also know as Monk Parakeets, are something of an anomaly here and there are many theories explaining exactly how they arrived. Luckily, Steve Baldwin, an internet marketing manager AND the man behind, is a damn devoted fan of these 'œillegal avians'. His day job and combined authentic curiosity and childish love for the birds reminds me how awesome people are sometimes.

Steve is also the man behind the FREE Wild Parrot Safari. The next excursion is this Saturday, April 4th. Get all of the details here. And, if you missed the fine print, DON’T WEAR BRIGHT ORANGE! 'œFor reasons that science has not yet explained, the parrots freak out when you show them something orange.'

For background read Steve’s fleshed-out timeline that covers the trials and tribulations of the parrots from their attempted extermination in the 50’s in Argentina to a show-down with D.C. based task force on Rikers Island.

If you want to go, RSVP by emailing:

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