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House Party Tuesdays @ Sway: FREE Whiskey, cheap tequila/mini burgers

Updated: Apr 06, 2009 15:58
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Sway feels cool because it hasn’t altered the outdated sign of its predecessor McGovern’s, has good music, and an attractive crowd (reminder: low light, dark backdrops and highballs make a lot of things attractive). Hell, attractive people can make anything look cool from old school American Gladiators to modern runway marvels. It is also lively and has a distinct air of 'œshit, this party might actually get out of control'. But not all the attractive people in Manhattan would distract me enough to ignore that I feel like I’m inside a jukebox. Maybe it is the low ceiling that makes the long space feel confined, going all the way to the private party room with its pygmy bar. Maybe it is because the dark, plushy interior with amber and reddish glow of the candles and bar makes me think of some distorted image I have in my head of vintage jukeboxes, stale neon gas glowing weakly. I don’t know man, maybe the jukebox is easier to picture than the barrel of a shotgun. I’d be like, 'œwhy are all of these hot people in this shotgun with me? And who brought the furniture?' But, with its music and association of bars, drinking, and fun, the jukebox seems to work.

So, of course, this description logically brings me to the fact that every Tuesday Sway is giving away FREE whiskey shots to its incarcerated guests as part of their “House Party”. It sounds like it happens Coyote Ugly style, with bartenders and servers distributing the shots at specific times, not at your beck and call. Other specials include $3 shots of tequila, $3 mini burgers. My favorite, the janitor’s nightmare, is a tequila shot/mini-burg combo for $4. Things get under way at 11pm.

Note: Sway’s door policy is to always ask what party you are there for. I don’t know what happens if you don’t have an answer. They could be bluffing. In any event, its probably worth it to RSVP here even if it isn’t necessarily mandatory. But heck, if you don’t mind being rejected at the door don’t. Then, go start a club and be the only member.


Party Flyer here

Sway is located @ 305 Spring Street.  Almost Jersey.

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