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FREE Vodka Wednesdays at Blue Owl

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Hump Day sounds disgusting, always has.  “Bumping uglies” sounds gross too.  I know people who hate the word “groin”.  “Crotch” is crisp and tight to me, but friends find it equally unappetizing.  One of Stuart’s friends has a website called The Fart Party.  That leaves a very unpleasant taste in my mouth and mind.  Shit, honestly it ruins my day.

So it says a lot that the Blue Owl anointed their midweek event  Wonderful Wednesdays  instead of Hump-Day Slurpfest, which is consistent with the  faux-baroque-grotto (the website says “modern day speakeasy”) with its (fake) gold plated banquettes, and exposed rock walls, candles, and leather chairs angled at 45 degrees with a small cocktail table nestled between.  Minus 2 old guys at the corner of the bar, the crowd was  a mix of well-dressed, poorly groomed dudes (probably into graphic design), groomed office cats  who were poorly dressed in nice clothes, and girls who were in the basement because, well, it’s a basement.   I had the distinct feeling everyone here has real jobs.  Again, neglecting the old men.  Oh, and maybe the guy dressed as T-Pain.

The downside to well-measured mix of class, pretentiousness, and free vodka is that the bar can be a little busy and there is only one person to tender it.  Also, hold on to your glass and bring it up with you for expedited refills.

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And I lied, because if you stay past the free vodka, there is  The HUMP party, with hip hop from ’88-’98.  Stooping and humping starts at 9 pm.


Where: Blue Owl is @ 196 2nd Ave (downstairs)

When: Every Wednesday. Free Vodka 5-6 pm, $6 specialty cocktails until midnight

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  1. Idi
    April 12, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    I sincerely hope your snarky writing style amuses you, because I doubt it amuses anyone else.