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FREE Tanteo Tequila Tastings Today and Tomorrow

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Drink up while its free buddy.

Drink up while it's free buddy.

As promised, here is a short list of upcoming Tanteo tastings that are being held around the city.  If you haven’t heard of Tanteo, it will soon be imprinted on your olfactory bulbs because the Jalapeno line has a robust nose that recently blanketed the entire Rose Bar like a biblical fart a few weeks ago at a party.  I like the smell (of jalapeno tequila, not fart), but judging from the remarks I intentionally overheard,  other people didn’t.  With a snooty crowd a safer bet might be the Chocolate, which is dangerously drinkable – God that sounds so stupid.  It tastes damn good. Tropical was…well, still a helluva lot better than Cactus Jack.

Anyway, I like that Tanteo is bringing attention to the flavor issue.  Flavored tequila and its artisan – by scale of production, NOT quality – equivalent, mescal, is common in Mexico, even though the paisanos are usually drinking straight up aguardiente (firewater), which sometimes causes blindness. Nonetheless,  in southern Mexico, especially Oaxaca I saw shops  littered with bottles (and jugs, paint containers, plastic bags) filled with flavored agave hooch: mocha, cappuccino, coconut, mango, chile, chocolate, etc.  But, a while back, the integrity of all flavored alcohols was irreparably damaged by a shitty little brand called Smirnoff.   I guess top shelf brands  defended the reputation of their fruity (or peppery) products, but it would still take a gun to the head to make me PAY for a flavored vodka.  Anyway, at $50 a pop per bottle, here are some good weekend opportunities to try  out these tequilas and see if you should ask your parents to buy some when they come to town.

Upcoming Tastings

April 17

Best Buy

701 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY


April 18

Columbia Wine Co.

4038 Broadway, New York, NY 10032

(212) 543-2633


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