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$10 Nacho Tour in Williamsburg on Sunday

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This is getting some serious love from me mostly because of its stance on the delicious “cheese” sauce that formed the landscape for Primus’ “Sailing the Seas of Cheese” :  “if you are using the sauce, don’t pretend it is real.”   Equally appropriate for  Cool Whip and the tans of Planet Fitness trainers.

In addition to organizing this 4 stop tour, Mr. Nacho and his Senior Correspondent (also housemate) Rachel, also provide reviews, recipes, and even Nacho Radio for nacho songs.   For the Nacho Tour, be sure to leave a comment with the number of people you are going to come with so that Lee can give the restaurants an idea how many people are coming through.  As for the $10 price tag, Lee puts it well.

“You may be asking, what’s the $10 for? Well 1) it’s a tour and 2) this way, there’s no awkward money exchanges throughout the day, just one awkward one in the beginning.”

When: April 19th, 3 pm

Where: Williamsburg, Starts at Veracruz (195 Bedford Ave)

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