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Cinco de Mayo vs. FREE Meditation Therapy

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If you actually follow the website and do some things we write about, today should give a clear impression on the trajectory of your life.   Don’t worry, our analytic software can’t read your decision. We’re working on it, but just can’t seem to get the the cd out of its damn plastic box.

Option 1:  Cinco de Mayo (a.k.a Drinko de Mayo, according to, big surprise, some place in the OC; a.a.k.a. Cinco de Drinko)

A good thing about celebrating historic events in other countries is that it’s a great opportunity to learn about other cultures.  The better news is that we don’t.  Actually, that is shitty.  I will go to an art opening, like I did last night, and drink some free champeezy and eat some free smoked salmon while looking at twisted hunks of metal that evoke only confusion, and it doesn’t bother me at all.  But, when it comes to something meaningful, at least make a little effort.   Just so you don’t look like more of a jackass in your sombrero, snorting salt and squirting lime juice into your eye before downing a pint of tequila, remember that today is about celebrating the unexpected victory of Mexican forces over French invaders in the Puebla. And 50 cent tacos. They were standing up against the imperialist pate.  There is no shortage of options, so pick your poison at the list compiled by the folks at Metromix.  My suggestion, 50 cent tacos and tequila at the Elizabeth 5-7, followed by a wet nurse.

Option 2: A Free Talk about Meditation Therapy
(a.k.a. sleeping)
I signed up for EventMe, a service that notifies me about events based on an extensive profile that I filled out, just to learn about other things going on that other sites have no clue about.  Most of the shit is geared towards yuppies and costs a pretty penny:  a sailing excursion, a weekend hike, mixology classes at The Pourhouse, and power network/dating events where you end up banging a male start-up CEO when you aren’t even gay.  However, I have some honest to blog interest in a free talk about Meditation Therapy.  Not because I necessarily want it, but because I love mind-body stuff.  Also, it is true that simple routines can give a lot of order to a disheveled life.  Plus, meditation is one of those activities that has some buzz right now and it could probably make your sound introspective and sensitive.  I’ve seen these words on covers of Women’s dailies  between headlines of never-ending, moon-exploding sextasy and lip gloss.  So, if you are feeling it, you should check it out.  Here is the blurb, with my additions, followed by the RSVP contact.

  • Are you are weighed down or distracted by thoughts, worries, fears, emotions or just plain lethargy?
    Lethargy sounds so cool, how can it be bad?
  • Are factors like these standing in the way of you getting what you want from life and/or at work?
    No.  These aren’t the factors.  None of this will bring back Ben and Jerry’s “It’s a Wonderful Whirl”!  That was the best flavor ever.  No amount of non-lethargy will ever get that back.

    This is a talk about a unique meditation-based form of therapies called Inner Space Techniques, which takes a unique approach to helping people overcome their limitations in life.
    You used unique twice.  Must be really different.  Anything different (to the power of 2) is stupid (to the power of 2).

    RSVP:  by email (, or call (347.893.8333 ).
    Where: New York Core Center (115 E. 23rd Street, Level 12)

    When: 7pm-8:30pm

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    1. May 27, 2009 at 2:21 pm

      I know it can be time-consuming to update your blog but thank you for keeping me informed and entertained!

    2. Thanks Dickies! All in a day’s [unpaid] work.