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Another BYOB Restaurant Finder

Updated: Mar 22, 2015 10:41
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It’s Booze-day Tuesday, but instead of featuring a bar like Welcome to the Johnsons, here is a little BYOB love that I picked up from the Thrillist cathouse.  BYOB spots are great for many reasons,  including avoidance of  hassle of last night at a bar.  Actually, I didn’t really do anything, but a friend with a big purse had a bottle of wine from a catering event, so she bussed 2  wine glasses, then washed and filled them in the bathroom.  I stood guard.  The thrill of it all was so sexy.  We almost touched arms.

Here is how to avoid such awesome trashiness.   Go to GoBYO and choose to search by name, zip code, or proximity to a specific location.  Then select more parameters to narrow your search further by things like corkage fee, entree price, composite rating, etc.  I found 166 restaurants within .5 miles of me, which could mean more BYOBing than an ESL Russian pornstar.

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