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50 % Off Dinners at Cafe Brama, Still

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For April I wrote about a deal at Cafe Brama whereby they took 50% off your dinner check because it was the restaurant’s anniversary.  Well, like Ozzie  and sweet Warcraft commercials, they are still rocking it.    Here is an uninformative excerpt from the original post with details below.  

I don’t want you to think Cafe Brama is one prescription pill away from an overdose because they are slashing dinner bills in half for the entire month of April.  In fact, they are just happy and want you sprinkle their joy.   I haven’t actually eaten here, but when I stopped to read the sign one of the owners came out and asked me to come in and eat something.  Sorry pal, I was on my way to some drank.


The special is effective from 5pm – 11pm.  There is a minimum of $10 per person (after discount) and beverages are EXCLUDED from this promotion. 


Cafe Brama is located at 157 2nd Avenue @ 10th Street

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