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New York: Save Fashion! Final Sale Extravaganza

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Fashion’s in trouble..and it needs your help!


Ultimate arbiters of independent style, Refinery29 have been hosting their fantastic pop-up shop SAVE FASHION for the past month.  It’s in a glass walled annex attached to Port Authority and the racks of designer dresses, shorts and handbags ensure that the drunk guy masturbating on the corner won’t be the only excited person in the neighborhood.

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The shop has offered deep discounts on pieces from NY designers like Lorick, Sunshine and Shadows, Lauren Moffatt, Rogues Gallery and Shipley and Halmos.  Discounts were deep, but still kinda pricey for your average Broke-Ass New Yorker dealing with bills and rent, but starting tomorrow expect super terrific crazy discounts, with prices showing  90% off all remaining merchandise, including shoes, bags and jewelery!!


Support NYC designers; start the weekend off right and your monthly budget off wrong.


Save Fashion, 641 8th Avenue, NW corner of 41st Street. Hours: Mon-Wed, 11-8pm, Thursday, 5-9, Fri-Sun, 11-7.

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