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Tug Of War on Coney Island

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image from NY Times

image from NY Times

I’m on my Saturday morning death bed, fighting pyloric valve spasms wrestling with last night’s beer fumes that are trying to escape to the light of day.  Keeping me company are memories of guys drinking from pitchers of Yeungling sideways and chugging roided car-bombs, appropriately called “Truck Bombs” in a twisted attempt of impressing someone, anyone, and getting a polaroid of themselves posted on the wall; a pathetic accolade.  At least the diminishing stock of valuable film is being used wisely.   Anyway, here it is, your moment of barf.   I mean zen.


There is a large WASPy polo event with Prince Harry on Governor’s Island, but you can’t go, so hit up Coney Island for tug-a-war.  After enough sun and beer its all the same anyway.


As copied and pasted from

“Current and former Wall Street ‘Masters of the Universe’ will arrive on the beach protected by a police escort as they prepare to face off against a team of regular Joes (many of whom lost their jobs and life savings in the financial crisis) in The Great Coney Island Tug of War. The event, hosted by Coney Island, will be held on the beach and is a
wide-ranging dispute resolution mechanism that will feature multiple different match-ups, including firefighters and police officers and Cyclone fans and Wonder Wheel fans. The tug-of-war rope also will be offered as a platform to any two groups with an intractable disagreement.”


When: Today, starts at 11, championship at 1 pm
Where: In front of the Wonder Wheel (Coney Island Beach (Between W 10th and W 12th Streets)

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