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The blog How to Get Rid of Things isn’t a screaming call for divestment, although that would be nice too.  As they say,  it is a “do-it-yourself guide dedicated to helping you prevent, eliminate or remove common annoyances from your life.”  What kind of annoyances?   Well,  How to Get Rid of Dog Poop for one. Who knew options extend beyond placing in a paper bag, lighting on fire, and throwing on nemesis’ doorstep.  Most are actually fairly serious, although full of humor, and tackle issues like debt, health problems, etc.  Here is a short list to pique your interest/waste your time.


Stains: Learn how to get rid of rust stains, sweat stains, bed stains, and blood stains.  Blood stains!  Exciting! Wait, nope.  An imagination can run wild, but I was roped back into the boring humdrum of impending domesticity by references to hurt children.


Girlfriends: The best part of this article is a little list of 10 reasons to break up with your girlfriend tucked into the left navigation.  Poor communication, bad sex, and ensuing litigation sound about right.


Back Acne (“Bacne”):  I looked at this because my back looks like a big slab of white pizza dough covered very thinnly with  a dab of tomato sauce and thousands, if not millions, of pebbles of unmelted parmesean.  Actually, my back hair pelt hides What Horror Lies Beneath.  #1 take away tip.  Wash reguarly and keep fabrics clean.  Friggin labor intensive.


Zombies and Goth Kids: I’ve combined these two because both are pale, grotesquely altered, and sullen and unexcitable in the absence of blood and loud, unintelligible music.  Methods for good riddance should be calculated with a complex algorithm that considers the risks of a hostile zombie takeover AND the societal value of compassion given to teens who are experiencing, well, teendom.  Or we can just use the wood chipper.

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