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FREE Wine at Imprint TV Launch Party

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Imprint-TV is a new news source for the New York area focusing on positive news, hoping there is still some taste and decency left willing to choose uplifting and human over sensationalism.    The fact they are having a launch party with free wine is a good start.   My loyalty is cheap and  free wine and food is more than CBS has ever given me.  Also, there are giftbags for the first 25 guests.  


They describe themselves as follows: 


Imprint-TV is a video news webcast with a twist. Instead of stories focused on crime, political scandals, corporate mishandlings and personal downfall, this webcast will consist solely of “good news” stories from the New York Metro area.


Imprint-TV will eventually include stories from across the country as we build a core of video journalists from around the United States. These VJs will be our eyes and ears, uploading regional stories week to week of the unsung heroes who walk among us.



When:  Tonight @ 8:00 pm

Where:  Butterfield 8 (5 East 38th St. btwn 5th and Madison)

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