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Cheap Shots @ Cheap Shots, FREE Shots If It’s Your B-Day

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There is a bar in the East Village that diligently carries the torch that so many others have let extinguish, where  kinda transient, tatoooed patron types collect their paltry earnings and hand them over in exchange for cheap shots, or better yet, glory.

Cheap Shots is one of those simple, honestly named bars that turn’s a cold, St.Mark’s style rebellious adolescent shoulder to cyptic reorganizations of addresses, owners’ names, and stupid tangentially related translations of foreign words.  As the name states, they  serve cheap shots ($3), and other alcohol.  They have darts and hockey.  They also serve glory, dolled up and renamed a “Truck Bomb”, but glory nonetheless.  A bell is rung and ooglers stand to slack-jawed attention, like Nascar fans, awaiting the carnage as some Nebraskan line-backer (they don’t make em that big in Manhattan folks) tries to down half a pitcher of Guisness infused with a dropped shot of Jameson and Bailey’s.  Murmurmings of envy, awe, and congratulation provide a fraternal backdrop as the bartender reduces the world’s existing stock of polaroid film to capture the accomplishment before pasting it on the resident Wall of Fame.  Black Sabbath rocks in the background.

Throw in a few $7 pitchers on my behalf, a couple of trips to the graffiti’d bathroom, and a long conversation about Smashing Pumpkins and you can call it my Friday night.  For all the ladies out there, according to sources on site, the male bartender here is the hottest thing since the needle exchange program, with his shaved head adorned with a brow slung bandana, muscular tatooted arms, and mesh tank-top.   Don’t let any of the snark fool you: I had a blast.  And you can too!  And if it is your berfday, you drink for free. All night.

Cheap Shots is located @ 140 1st Avenue (nr. 9th)

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  1. Bobby
    June 2, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    This place is a real shit hole. And its your birthday and you are spending it in this dank hell hole wash down that booze with a giant bottle of sleeping pills and just end it because you dont have a life!

  2. Rinse a few quick shots for free, yell that Slash is in the corner playing air hockey and run out without tipping before going to your b-day dinner. Save your friends some $$

  3. Bobby
    June 3, 2009 at 9:37 am

    I still maintain that this place is a real shit hole and no amount of booze in the name of saving a friend 8 bucks for a corona is worth being caught dead in the place. Girls, the bartender is not hot! Lies all lies I tell you. Ive been to my fair share of shitty bars but I literally walked in to meet my friends who were already waiting at a goddamn picnic table inside the bar with looks of utter disgust on their faces and walked out. If you want a free booze try which lists gallery openings and have some wine and keep your dignity.

  4. Veronica
    June 3, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Bobby you are so fucking funny. I went in there and really Im all about saving money but the place was filled with very ugly and unhygienic types. Did I mention its so flithy I wanted a tetnus shot after? You will need the free booze and beer goggles to find any of the patrons bangable. After a few minutes there my ex boyfriend looked like Robert Pattinson from twillight. I quickly texted him and came crawling back. Girls it’s rough out there if you’ve got a good guy hold on for dear life.